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Pressure Cooker Goulash

It is coooold and crummy in Kansas.  We are supposed to be single digits all this week and below zero this weekend.  Our wind chill is below zero and that's just too cold for this girl.  I don't mind a couple of days of cold, but then I need a little 20 degree weather to take the chill off.  This 10 days of single digits is chilling me to the bone!   With that being said, cold and crummy weather makes me crave warm, hearty comfort food.  And this recipe is just that.  It's a pressure cooker version of the goulash I grew up eating.  Ground beef, pasta, tomatoes, green peppers and onions... how can you go wrong?  Quick and easy on a weeknight, makes it perfection.  Pair it with crusty homemade bread and you have comfort food at it's finest.   The YouTube video demo link is below: I hope you enjoy this recipe and video.  If you like what you see hit that subscribe button on YouTube and you'll stay notified when new recipe videos are up.  

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